The Sumner County foster care and juvenile court system is filled with talented, committed, and passionate professionals. However, it is also a system that is overwhelmed and overburdened.

  • Juvenile court judges have a caseload of around 1,000 children. The judge has, on average, 10-15 minutes to make his or her decisions about each case.
  • Every family with a child receiving DCS services is assigned to a social worker to manage the case. Social workers may have caseloads as large as 30-40 families.
  • While children are not suppose to remain in foster care long term, the average amount of time children spend in foster care in Sumner County is 9 months-that’s possibly one birthday and one Christmas.

"As a judge, I had to make a tough decision. I had to decide whether to take a child from the only home he's ever known, or leave him someplace where he might possibly be abused. I needed someone who could tell me what was best for the child from the child's viewpoint. That's what CASA does." -Judge David Soukup

  • While the children, allegedly dependent/neglect, can spend an average of 21 months in the juvenile court system, but if a CASA volunteer is involved the average length is 6 months.
  • Many children remain in foster care long-term, these children will never return home and will never be adopted.
  • Sumner County has children waiting for a CASA volunteer to advocate for them.